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Software development is a time taking process, and the process becomes even more time taking when it comes to its deployment. To solve this problem and make the whole process a seamless experience, DevOps comes into act. DevOps is an amalgam of “Dev”, and “Ops” which means development and operation respectively. DevOps removes the bottlenecks of the development process and automates the workflow. Due to minimal manual interference and maximum automation, the accuracy of the development improves, and hence, more and more organizations are turning towards it. Being a top DevOps consulting company, we assist clients in growing their businesses by offering DevOps solutions for smooth processes through pipeline production and distribution. We have a team of DevOps experts who can speed up your software deployment with strategic preparation and implementation of the DevOps culture. With years of experience in addressing major market challenges, ETY offers tailor-made solutions by means of a unique approach to make life easier.

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Why Choose Us

Team Of DevOps Experts

Our team of DevOps experts leaves no stones unturned to fulfill the client’s requirements. The dedication of the team is unmatchable as for them it is not only a job but a passion.  

Affordable Charges

The DevOps consulting services will not feel heavy on your wallet as the consulting charges are quite reasonable. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that we’re offering one of the most affordable DevOps services in the market.


Prolific Customer Support

EYT has great customer support so that you won’t miss out on your queries or issues. We have a dedicated team that will assist you without breaking a sweat and will never leave you in the midst of the problems.

On-Time Delivery

EYT strictly adheres to the timeline set with the mutual agreement from both sides. Our team is highly professional and can finish the work on time. We ensure to deliver world-class projects without doing any delay.

Our DevOps Services

Amazon AWS DevOps

Amazon has contributed to DevOps with its own set of practices and tools that makes the whole process more seamless. We are well-versed with AWS DevOps services which help to make the production cycle easier by correctly configuring tools and maintaining a large-scale dynamic ecosystem.


Azure DevOps platform is a cloud-based offering from Microsoft. This enables us to design, manage and deploy applications with suitable tools and frameworks on a large network. Our experts are more than capable to work with various tools of Azure to meet client’s demands.

Kubernetes As A Service

Kubernetes is a powerful open-source orchestrator that helps to deploy multiple containers simultaneously and allows to run many applications together in a single container. We at EYT have a great experience with Kubernetes which will reflect in the results.

Docker As A Service

Docker enables containerization that meets your market demands to be built and carried out. Code can be created, moved, shipped, apps deployed and reverted if desired. Our Docker services allow you to run any object anywhere in a robust environment while maintaining full control.

CI/CD Pipelining 

CI is a creative process of software, in which engineers periodically combine the code updates with automatic build and testing in a central repository. CI has the main objectives of finding and fixing bugs, improving product consistency, and reducing update time. CD extends the CI for all code updates deployed during the building phase in a prototype or development setting. Our DevOps professionals will assess the environment and function to ensure the optimal use of continuous integration and continuous delivery systems. No matter, if you need any small changes or a complete redesign, we will do it for you.  
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What is DevOps?

DevOps is a set of tools and practices intended to enhance the ability of an organization to develop software at a quicker pace than traditional development methods.

What are the aims of DevOps?

DevOps seeks to increase stability and security by reducing production and implementation cycles using continuous monitoring, quality checking, product development, and maintenance updates.

What are the major benefits of DevOps?
  • Continuous software delivery
  • Less complex problems to fix
  • Faster resolution of problems
  • Faster delivery of features
  • More stable operating environments
What are the different components of DevOps?
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous testing
  • Continuous delivery
  • Continuous monitoring
What if I need any help?

We have strong customer support operating 365 days, round the clock. So, call us anytime or drop a Whatsapp message or mail us to get your queries resolved quickly from our dedicated team of experts. 

What is the use of Jenkins in DevOps?

Jenkin is a CI tool used for software development. From source code control to delivery of code, it has become the open-source standard in the software side of DevOps methodology. It aims to speed up growth and increases productivity simultaneously.

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