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EYT is an enterprise software development company. We have a wealth of experience supporting businesses with scalable software. We will optimize your enterprise with industry-specific knowledge, beautiful designs, and secure software solutions.

We understand next generation enterprise applications. We work with businesses across a diverse range of industries to enhance customer experience and launch software with highly intuitive interface designs.

Why Choose Us

With application development evolving at an alarming rate, we understand the value of a knowledgeable and experienced development team. At EYT, we stay up to date with the latest industry movements. Here are four reasons why you should choose EYT for your enterprise software development services:

Consolidated systems for improved performance

We consolidate systems to improve performance. Maintaining consistency across software systems is essential. We are experts in integration. After we consolidate and refactor your existing software setup, you’ll be left with a streamlined workflow that’s efficient and low risk.

Expert support

We prioritize customer communications. Keeping in touch with our clients is beneficial for everyone. It helps us know that we’re doing a good job and ensures our clients always have access to support.

Up-to-date integration

Software evolves at lightning speed. We promise to be hot on the heels of industry trends. That’s why we value integration above anything else. We can help you keep your software up to date without the need for a total recall.

Reliable, customizable enterprise software development

We offer custom enterprise software development solutions that remove workflow obstacles. We prioritize solutions based on reliability and scalability. We customize software solutions to support your unique business needs, functions, and existing infrastructure.

EYT’s Proven intuitive interface designs

EYT’s intuitive interfaces help enterprises launch software successfully using beautiful designs. We work with a large range of enterprises across different industries from tech to healthcare, consulting, and education.

We’ve achieved amazing results for our existing clients and will do the same for you. Just give us your specifications and we’ll work with you to achieve a unique intuitive interface for your enterprise.

Some of the features we’ve already integrated for our clients include:

  • Booking services
  • Property management notifications
  • Event ticketing
  • Maps
  • Pricing proposals
  • Interactive clients plans and charts

Get in touch today to discuss custom enterprise software development solutions for your business.

How much does enterprise app development cost?

Prices vary depending on project scale. For a more precise figure contact a member of our team to discuss options and price points.

How do I know which agencies are the best?

Look at each agency’s existing clients, seek out testimonials, and ask to view samples.

How long is the standard development process?

On average enterprise applications take between three and nine months to develop from start to finish. If you’re willing to funnel more resources into the project then things can move quickly. But keep in mind that this can be costly.

Can you work with my pre-existing designs?

It is sometimes possible to incorporate pre-existing designs. We will have to sample your designs and ensure they meet our design standards.

Can you walk me through the development process?

One of our product owner will liaise between you and EYT. Designing progresses typically start with mood boards before progressing to interactive prototypes. An adjustment period follows when any amendments can be made.

Can I still make changes to the app after launch?

Yes. Your first launch won’t be your last. We start by launching a minimum viable product (MVP). This basic version of your application tests initial progress and informs future improvements.

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