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Here at EYT, we recommend hybrid apps for businesses in need of new applications. Hybrid applications use one written code across all mobile platforms, reducing development time and costs. We love hybrid for a number of reasons. First and foremost, hybrid apps offer flexibility. They mobilize elements from native applications, web applications, and browsers using web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

 This makes for an all-round streamlined development experience that boosts UX whilst reducing costs. And EYT can help you deliver. We are a specialist hybrid app development company offering state of the art app development services for modern businesses. Our expert teams of front and back-end experts create premium-quality, hybrid mobile applications that are guaranteed to boost your business’ consumer appeal.

Why Choose Us

Expert teams

Our experienced app development team from Estonia is dedicated to bringing clients exceptional cross-platform and web app development experiences with a commitment to scalability.

Workforce augmentation

Our teams are made up of the best of the best. By outsourcing to EYT, businesses can rest assured that work is being carried out by industry experts at the top of their field and save time and money on the hiring process.


Premium UX

We prioritize technology-driven data insights to offer our clients bespoke user experience strategies and designs that are guaranteed to meet the needs of their unique users.

Holistic development

Creating unique, customized solutions for our clients is what we do best. Our teams are happy to collaborate with clients to understand their individual objectives and deliver a tailored development experience to match.

Our Expertise

As a hybrid app development company, we build iOS, Android, and Progressive web apps using JavaScript tech stacks. EYT app development services are built on a foundation of robust development expertise designed to bring you the best UX across multiple platforms.

 Our expert developers are highly qualified in industry best-practices to build hybrid apps with various features, multiple integrations, serverless architectures, and optimized experiences. We want to offer our clients more than just development. We want to offer trustworthy consultation for your businesses’ digital transformation.

What are the benefits of deploying hybrid mobile apps?

Hybrid application development boasts many advantages over traditional native applications. They are faster, flexible, cheaper, and highly-targeted.

Are there any drawbacks when it comes to hybrid app development?

Because they are designed for cross-platform functionality, hybrid applications might not be able to utilize higher-end hardware capabilities of a native platform features fully. Hybrid apps also offer a more basic user interface for this same reason.

What makes EYT different from other hybrid app development companies?

At EYT, we don’t just code for you. We work in partnership with our clients to develop precision-quality applications focussed on achieving business success.

Why should I outsource my development staff?

You won’t regret outsourcing your application development team to EYT. By outsourcing, you’ll save time and money previously spent interviewing and hiring staff by relying on our pool of top-tier industry experts. We connect all of our clients with the best possible staff members as quickly as possible.

What support do you offer?

Alongside access to industry experts, our clients benefit from EYT communications. Keeping our clients in the know is our top priority. That’s why we are constantly tracking projects in order to send our clients detailed progress reports each day.

Do you offer consultations?

Yes. At EYT we offer a free initial consultation before reaching any final agreements. These consultations are designed to help us understand your business needs and fit you with the best team members for the job.

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