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Education Technology


Fuelling a revolution in education

Our education, EdTech, and learning apps are helping fuel a revolution in education. Now
more than ever flexible learning opportunities are in high demand. We’re driving the tech
behind e-learning and online education. That means everything from fun and informative
learning apps for kids to complex flexible learning solutions teaching and training.
No matter what type of educational institution you come from, our team of highly creative,
highly skilled app developers will work with you to create an individualized education app.
The possibilities are endless. Education is experiencing a renaissance as we uncover the full
potential of technology in aiding the learning process.
Implement the best learning programs and tools for your students or clients today and
transform learning from textbook practice into a holistic and accessible education for all.

Why Choose Us

Scalable Solutions

Our applications are always designed with scalability in mind. Retain full functionality as your educational enterprise succeeds and expands.

Specialized Features

We design and develop highly specialized features to meet our client’s individual needs. Whatever kind of educational institution or service you’re running, we can help you improve operational activity, administer educational resources, and manage your student base from a highly-capable, streamline application.



We work with everyone from industry startups to enterprise-scale businesses. We believe in providing exceptional services at affordable rates.

Industry Experience

Our team of highly skilled app developers create bespoke, top-quality, applications for our clients in education. When you choose to work with EYT we will put together a team of expert developers with the skills to deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

Check out our work

Need some inspiration? Wondering what an EYT education app might look like? Why not
check out Clanbeat. When working on Clanbeat Classroom our goal was to develop a fully-
functional remote classroom environment where members could go to support and share
with one another.
The app helps users get to know their class members better, share experiences, seek help,
reflect, support, and plan learning outcomes. A reliable and easy-to-use platform that
supports teachers and students do their best work.

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