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Government Software Solutions


Government-ready application solutions

At EYT, we’re government ready. We understand that government applications have a very
specific set of criteria. Our expert designers and developers have all the skills and
experience to create stand-out government applications that run like clockwork.
We’ve already developed an application for the Government of Finland and we continue to
participate in government procurements; building websites, complex web applications, and
mobile applications for government agencies and entities.
Our developers use strong back-end systems and architectures to create robust user-
friendly applications. It’s a win-win for all. By automating public services governments are set
to benefit from massive data optimization and increased cybersecurity, all whilst facilitating
simple, streamlined user experiences.

Why Choose Us

Data all in one place

Our expert team of developers will help you create a unique government-ready application to help your department or agency access precision data analytics for smatter decision making.

Fully integrated solutions

Our applications are fully integrated solutions that can be adopted easily by all users regardless of their current technology infrastructure or device preference.


Optimum user experiences

We deliver optimum user experiences thanks to our commitment to in-depth market research. Our applications are designed specifically for your government’s user base.

Collaborative ethos

We work closely with our clients to create bespoke applications that solve your agency’s specific roadblocks. We’ll build the perfect team for you and keep you in the loop throughout
the developmental process.

Robust applications for improved services

For government institutions and agencies, the right web application promises major benefits
for internal and external users alike. With most public services now going digital, government
should be no different. Bu automating operations government bodies save time, resources,
and improve the services available both to civil servants and the public.
We’re excited to continue partnering with government bodies. By doing so, we create a
simpler way for the public to access government services, whilst helping government bodies
make more data-driven decisions for their employees and constituents.

Are you a public agency looking for a software solution?