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Internet of Things


Opening up new possibilities with IoT

If you’re a business or startup leveraging the Internet of Things, we want to work with you.
From wearables to smart homes, IoT is booming and set to keep growing. IoT applications
are increasingly popular with users for their interactivity and ease of use.
Whether you’re working on leveraging smart retail in your business or have a brand new IoT
application idea, we’d love to hear it.
At EYT, we’ve already been busy at work producing some killer IoT applications. Using IoT
technology, our developers are able to facilitate communication between physical objects
and user applications opening up endless entrepreneurship possibilities for the future.

Why Choose Us

Industry experience

Our development team has already created some outstanding IoT- based applications, connecting application users with extensive information and services.

Market research

Our app development process involves extensive market research because it’s not just about the tech, it’s also about giving your users what they want and need.


Skilled developers

Our team of highly skilled developers are the best in the business. They’ll help you bring your ideas into reality.


Our developers bring ideas to life with the best tech. We use progressive web and mobile application platforms on JavaScript frameworks and serverless cloud technologies.

IoT in action

Want to see some of our IoT applications in action? No problem. Why not check out some of
our past partnerships.
Partnerships like BibeCoffee. We worked with BibeCoffee to create a truly original
application that transforms coffee machines into connected terminals with IoT. Users can
monitor what their coffee machines are used for, manage maintenance, and measure coffee
consumption in real-time.
On the other end of the spectrum, Suppama allows users to book stand up paddles for water
sport activities directly from designated lockers. We worked with the creators of Suppama,
using IoT to connect station lockers to the bespoke Suppama application.
If you’ve got a smart application idea ready to go, you can count on us to make it a reality.

Need an IoT Application?