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Standout E-commerce solutions

Online retail is thriving, now more than ever. A high-quality, UX led web presence is now a
number one priority for all Ecommerce retailers. Competition is sky-high. To compete in this
industry you’ll need a fully integrated, user-friendly, application and website.
At EYT we design and develop stand-out ecommerce apps, websites, and retail solutions.
We work extremely closely with our retail clients, conducting extensive market research in
order to understand your buyers and provide them with exactly what they want and need.
Our bespoke Ecommerce solutions can be custom made to specification. Whether you’re an
online store, ecommerce aggregator, B2B, or B2C enterprise. We’ll tailor a solution for you
that combines amazing user experience, stand-out features, and superior analytics.
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Why Choose Us

Flexible approach

At EYT we use a flexible approach to application development. In other words, we craft and every app as a unique product according to the client’s individual specifications.

The best tools 

Our developers use JavaScript frameworks, and serverless cloud technology stacks to produce high-velocity applications with advanced features.

Cross-platform apps 

Our Ecommerce applications are truly cross-platform. Your users will be able to navigate from iOS to Android, to the web simply and seamlessly.

The best minds

Our developers are the best minds in the business. Their passion shines through in the beautiful, quality applications we produce for our clients.

Applications that end in results

Our Ecommerce applications promise results. Ecommerce is all about user experience. For
customer journeys that end in sales, online retailers need to offer multi-channel, multi-
platform, user-friendly, visually-stunning applications.
When you choose to work with us, we’ll help you achieve just this. We’ll find out what your
customers want and need – and then this is exactly what we’ll give them. Our expert team of
in-house developers will work closely with you to sculpt your perfect Ecommerce platform
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