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If you want to make your corporate communication successful, you can utilize our intranet solutions. We offer several solutions to reach the objectives of your corporate communication. It is used for creating the fully-customizable and active social community specifically tailored to the required of your individual business.

The modern intranet goals coincide with your corporate communication goals. It includes effective corporate news distribution; support of various operational works as well as virtual emotional residence base.
The main objective of every corporate communication is to achieve the objectives through guidance and control. EYT always implement the intranets which are sleek, simple to navigate, aesthetically pleasing and engaging.

Why implement the modern intranets?

We consider intranets as collaboration portal and content that bring numerous benefits to your organization. Our digital agency comes with a team of experts who have the capability to implement the most effective intranets. We offer intranet implementation services for all sizes of organizations. Here are few reasons to use intranets as follow:

Increased productivity

The intranet will reduce your email use and make news simple to find. Apart from that, it also brings your team better access to various news and tools they require performing in the role.

Easy collaboration

If your team members are in the same location, intranet makes it probable for the team to do various tasks easily, including

  • Communicate freely
  • Exchange ideas easily
  • Share documents
  • Complete the work together
  • Stay aware of what actually every team is functioning on
  • Interact with various teams

Safe knowledge management

The intranet offers a central place for storing the documents of your organization. They are up-to-date as well as are accessed by any person on the team. It ensures that the turnover of your staff never affects access to the knowledge.

A connected, engaged workplace

A modern and well-designed intranet can easily transform the staff experience to promote growth, connectedness, efficiency, innovation and more.

Our corporate news & communication apps consist of various features including corporate intranet, news, media sharing and much more. We develop an extensive range of apps that can bring numerous benefits to the users. Contact us to know more.

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