Our Portfolio

Some of the good mobile app or web projects we have built so far

Since 2015 we have worked with many businesses in diverse industries across the globe. Our clients span the very large Enterprise companies, down to non-profits and startups. We’re proud of the work we’ve done, and will coninue to do so, for the benefit of future clients.

pockethelper image

PocketHelper Marketplace

PocketHelper an AI-powered progressive web and mobile apps platform where users are able to book service providers for various home-based services.

heycoach image

Heycoach Health & Fitness

Online Coaching app for Trainers and their Clients. Coaches chat with their clients about their services and costs, collect payment, create and deliver workout and nutrition plans.

aptcom image

AptCom Social media

Through the app, apartment owners get information about their apartment and the building, notifications or notices about the building, connect with other neighbors or report a problem - all easily and conveniently from their mobile.

offparty app image

Off Party Barcelona Events

Listing all the events from the Barcelona OFF Music Week in one app - 200+ independent events! Users browse the events, configure the alerts, receive promotional offers and purchase tickets.

hf app image

Hermes Fulfilment APP Enterprise

Via this app, Hermes Fulfilment GmbH employees can query their working hours and important news from the company, at any time. From everywhere.

ratu-haku pro image

Ratu-haku Pro Enterprise

The Ratu search Pro is a tool for calculating the cost of Ratu's building construction work and evaluating the duration of the work. The application will also help in drafting mission plans and schedules.

Deeplegal Enterprise

Deeplegale is Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation platform for Legal Managements. Deep Vision + Deep Clustering. The app scans the national ID of the user and extract data which is then used to create a PDF contract document for internal purpose of the law firm

secretpit image

Secret Pit Events

Secret Pit is a Members community iOS App. Exclusive content, invites and ticktes for exclusive SecretPit Members.

Sprakkampen image

Sprakkampen Education

A Swedish language Progressive web app for language learning, quizzes and 1 to 1 battle

unlimited reisen image

Unlimited reisen Events

The unlimited resisen app provides users in their holiday with all the important information about the best party in town, what to do, activities, trip information, etc.

GoTripGlobal Social media

Its a travel based social media progressive web app which allows users to share travel related posts, pictures. Forum section allows user to ask questions, receive answers and view others. Businesses are able to post deals and offerings.

getpaper image


Sales Software for Fashion Brands. GetPaper integrates with shopify to create supply chain orders for buyers and stores.

pocket-thai image

Pocket Thai Education

An app which allows users to learn Thai language

chakra app

Chakra Social media

Chakra is an app that allows yoga followers and businesses to capture, upload and share videos and pictures of their yoga activities with their followers. Users can create their profile using facebook, twitter.

knock knock image

Knock Knock Social media

The goal of the “Knock Knock ” app is to serve as a Geo locating social app. This app is to enable users to quickly locate friends available to “knock” hangout together in their area based on their GPS location as well as quickly post and promote their own availability for the meetup/hangout.

fairfuel image


The UK Vehicle Taxation App is an informative app for the FairFuelUK government campaign which is currently campaigning to lower taxes on road users in the UK. The app has the ability to store fuel purchase records on multiple vehicles , Statistical analysis by vehicle, location, date/time periods and by fuel etc

getmynumber image

GetMyNumber Social media

GetMyNumber app is for users to find companions from different places based on matching interests

viewlay image

Nearby events app Events Nearby

name hidden under NDA

It's a progressive web app which shows users nearby events on the map. The ability to add and share a new event happening in the real-time connects different users who share the same interests.

turbo image

Turbo app Education

It's a progressive web app which shows users nearby events on the map. The ability to add and share a new event happening in the real-time connects different users who share the same interests.

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