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Applications and events go hand in hand. After all, where do most people go to to find out
what’s going on in their town, city, or current destination these days? The days of bulletin
boards and newspaper ads are well and truly gone.
 Now, it’s all about the apps. The industry is booming.
Demand for sophisticated event planning and sharing apps is skyrocketing. If you’re in the
events business and seeking to follow suit, EYT can help you get your name out there with
an agile, highly-competitive, events application for your company.
Whether you’re all about local events, festivals, promotion, or planning, our expert team of
developers has all the necessary skills at the ready. We’ll work closely with you to create a
bespoke, top-of-the-range, tool that mobilizes essential features like geolocation, ticketing,
and nearby event functionality.

Why Choose Us

Get ahead of the game

The events industry is one of the most competitive out there. To stand out from the crowd, you’re going to need a flawless application that users love. At EYT our developers are at the top of their game. We’ll help you produce a beautiful, seamless application that knocks your competitors out of the water.

Personalized service

We are proud of the service we provide here at EYT and our long list of happy clients is a testament to that. Our development process is highly personalized.   After your free  consultation, we’ll select the best team for the job and design an application
based on in-depth research into your client’s unique needs.


Top features

We’ve got the skills to integrate some seriously cool features into your new events application. Geolocation? Check. Nearby event locator? Yup. Ticketing capability? Of course. Our developers are fastidious with the details. Whether you’re after feed
optimization, scheduling, easy registration, or something else entirely, we’ll help you achieve it.

Experienced Team

Our teams are highly experienced. From market research to final development, we’ve got you covered. We’ll research your clientele and find out exactly what makes them
tick, then we’ll get our designers to develop the solution of their dreams.

Making our mark

At EYT, we’re making our mark on the global events industry as we speak. Why not take a
look at some of the work we’ve already done. For those interested in local events,
GoInvite is a mobile application designed to bring together home event organizers and visitors.
OFF Party Barcelona is a hub for hundreds of events that works via a simple native APP.
Users can browse events and benefit from lots of features like alters, offers, tickets, and
even hotel / Airbnb location.
So what are you waiting for? If you’re in events and want to up your game with a high-spec
application, we want to help you create the next big thing in events services.

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