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We exploit our specialized capability of creating incredible and interactive ionic applications with intuitive features.

Ionic is a leading hybrid and cross mobile app development framework focusing on both the feel and look of your app and its usability in terms of user experience.

EYT Eesti OÜ houses an expert team of professional ionic app developers. Our app developers use Ionic, Angular or React and JavaScript to develop the most effective ionic based progressive web applications or cordova or capacitor native iOS and Android apps. Ionic app development enables the native mobile elements to have smooth transitions and alluring design.

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Why Choose Us

We ❤️ Ionic + Angular/React + Google Firebase

We are experienced in cross-platform app development using Ionic Framework, Angular or React and integration with server-less Google Firebase “platform as a backened”. 

Ionic for Startups or Enterprises

Our unique high performance ionic app development solutions are ideal for both enterprises and start-ups. We provide specialized services in ionic mobile app development for seamless performance across various industries.

Truely cross-platform: mobile and progressive web

Apps built on ionic function effectively on both web and native mobile platforms. As an experienced ionic app development company, we have developed single code-base apps.

Product development with complex features

We have extensive hands-on experience in building complex features involving 3rd party packages, APIs and more. We are specially experienced in Google APIs, geo-location, etc.

Our Expertise

Modern applications require a modern developmental approach. At EYT our expert teams deliver high-end, cross-platform mobile and progressive web application development using Ionic Framework, Angular, React, and JavaScript. We are an ionic app development company with an extensive working knowledge of complex features to meet the intricate needs of today’s enterprises and start-ups.

 Our Ionic app development service covers everything from 3rd party packages to Google APIs, geo-location, and much more. Our single code-base apps boast expansive integration credentials with serverless Google Firebase “platform as a backend” and seamless performance across multiple industries. A comprehensive solution for modern businesses.

ionic app development company
What Makes Ionic App Development Different?

Ionic app development utilises one codebase for different platforms – including android and iOS. Ionic is also highly customizable in design and promises to support the most up-to-date mobile devices.

How expensive is Ionic App Development?

Ionic App development significantly reduces costs when compared to native applications development.

Why should I outsource development to EYT?

At EYT we find out what your customers want and help you give it to them using researched solutions that provide real value. At EYT you will get a top-quality app development team with the expertise to help you achieve business success.

What’s the difference between native and hybrid?

Native apps are built for specific mobile platforms whereas Hybrid apps can be supported on multiple different devices and platforms.

 Native benefits

  • Faster
  • Great UX
  • Better performance

Hybrid benefits

  • Supported on multiple devices
  • Cost-effective
Can I be involved in the development process?

Yes, at EYT our clients are our top priority. Our projects are highly customizable. Take a look at some of our previous client case studies here to find out more.

What industries do you cover?

Our Ionic application development service is suitable for a plethora of industries. Our current industries include tech, healthcare, consulting, NGO and education.

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