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For businesses in need of robust, intuitive, and feature-rich iOS and Android mobile applications React Native is a wise choice. React Native-based iOS and Android applications are popular worldwide for their cross-platform compatibility, high-speed development cycles, and dynamic application updates. Perfect for modern business.

 By choosing React Native app development you’ll reap all these benefits plus many others including reusable code, improved user experience credentials, modular architectures, open-source APIs, third-party libraries, and even animations.

 Our team at EYT can help deliver high-end React-based web applications. As a React Native app development company, our staff and developers are experts in their field. Our React Native app development service is designed to armour your business with expert application development that mobilizes the very best React Native capabilities.

Why Choose Us

Custom services

Whether you’re an enterprise-scale business, an entrepreneur, or a startup, EYT has scalable solutions for you. Each development process is unique and fully customizable. Our extensive market research credentials inform each and every development plan so that our applications meet the needs of each client’s unique customer demographic.

We’re in the know

We keep up-to-date with industry trends and developments to ensure that our application development processes are always cutting-edge.

Extensive experience

We use the best tools and techniques available for our development processes and that hasn’t gone unnoticed by our clients. At EYT we’ve worked with big-name brands to develop upwards of 50 applications.


The best teams

Our development teams are made up of industry experts, equipped with the skills to deliver the best React Native-based applications for each and every one of our clients.

Our Expertise

At EYT, we’ve been delivering high-end React Native app development since 2016. We’ve produced elegant and functional designs and website architectures for businesses across a diverse range of industries spanning consulting, education, technology, and healthcare.

 Our team is committed to industry best practices and able to build robust React Native mobile applications with fantastic features like geo-location, social login, real-time chat, IoT, online payment, and push notifications.

Why should I outsource my React Native app development?

Outsourcing app development can be a smart move and offers numerous benefits. These include lower costs, increased speed, and access to the most experienced development teams, and the best technologies.

What benefits do you offer?

At EYT we offer some great benefits. By choosing to work with us you’ll gain expert advice across development, market research, and product marketing. We also offer every new client a free consultation in order to match them with the most suitable developers.

How long will it take to build my React Native application?

Development times vary depending on the scale of each project. When you meet with us we will decide upon development platforms, design complexity, features, and functionalities and match you with the best developers for the job. Once we know this, we can create a realistic timeframe for the development process.

Is React Native a good fit for my business?

React Native is best suited for businesses that want to support the same code-base across all platforms including web, iOS, and Android. By using one code base your business will also cut costs and increase efficiency.

Which libraries work with React Native?

Most existing React libraries will work with Reactive Native applications. Some will require a React Native port. Alternative third-party support is also extensive.

Can you help me with product marketing?

Yes. At EYT we are experts in market research and product marketing. We will help you create applications suited to your customers’ unique needs and expectations.

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