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Finance Technology



At EYT, we provide scalable app development services for FinTech startups and enterprises
with a holistic and fully interactive design and development process.
Financial technologies have transformed the way we deal with our finances, making financial
services fast, easy, and accessible. And at EYT, we’re hot on the heels of this fast-growing
industry. Our developers are FinTech savvy and ready to get your app off the ground.
We create custom made financial utility applications, including features such as payments,
commission splits, vendor management, invoicing, billing, banking, purchasing, and more.
Whatever your service, we’ll make sure your customers enjoy the best experience possible.

Why Choose Us

UX guarantee

Our financial applications are developed using in-depth consumer research to ensure optimum user experience. Your clients will love the final outcome.

Happy clients

Since 2016, we’ve produced upwards of 50 bespoke applications for happy clients ranging from startups to big-name enterprises.


FinTech experience

Our development team has already created a wide range of successful FinTech applications with great features such as billing, invoicing, banking, and more.

Unique applications

We’ll make you an app that’s truly unique by keeping your clients in mind every step of the way. Plus you’ll be able to get involved in the development process every step of the way

Our FinTech portfolio

At EYT, we’ve already produced a range of world-class financial technology applications.
Take Power App, for example. We worked with PowerApp to create an application that takes
the stress out of personal finances from spending to saving, borrowing to financial planning.
We also worked with CharityMoments to create a FinTech application with charity at the
center. The application allows users to donate to their favorite causes on selected dates.
Whatever your enterprise, whether it concerns personal finance, charitably initiatives, or
large-scale banking, we want to hear from you. When you get in touch for a free
consultation, we’ll get to know more about your business and discuss a tailor-made
development plan to meet your unique FinTech requirements.

Need an FinTech Application?