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The Best Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web applications offer all the functions of native mobile apps without users needing to install anything to their devices. It’s no wonder that progressive web applications are becoming more and more popular. This ease of use makes progressive web applications the best option for businesses that need to expand their outreach and boost customer accessibility on mobile and web-based platforms.

Progressive web applications use APIs to deliver cross-platform functionality, speed, and a super user friendly experience. In other words, a PWA can help businesses increase conversions and scale up rapidly. At EYT our teams have a wealth of PWA experience. Our Progressive web app development service promises to deliver quality progressive web applications for our clients.

Why Choose Us

We will help you future-proof your business

Our team of highly qualified developers can help future proof your business with PWAs. We’ll help you create a progressive, responsive, and engaging application using the most up-to-date tools that is sure to boost business engagement.

We have multi-industry experience

Out development teams have worked with big-name brands, enterprises, and start-ups across a wide range of industries. Everything from healthcare, consulting, tech and education.


User oriented planning

We are market research professionals as well as highly-skilled developers. Our progressive web app development process is firmly rooted in meeting the needs of your customers. We’ll use customer research data to inform the development process.

Client focussed

Our development process is client focussed. From the very first consultation we’ll match each client with the best brains for the job.

Our Expertise

EYT is a progressive web app development company with a wealth of experience. We’ve developed upwards of 50 unique applications since 2016 alone. Out teams are highly trained and always work according to industry best practices when writing document and code. We are proud to be building progressive web applications with fantastic features like geo-location, social logins, real-time chats, online payment functionalities, and push notifications.


Why are progressive web apps so popular?

Because they are built on progressive enhancement of existing applications, progressive web applications deliver a unified experience for all users no matter the specifications of their particular personal device or power of their internet connection.

What should I look for in a quality PWA?

A quality progressive web application should deliver mobile-first, offline-first design functionality, speed, and an unrivalled user experience.

What are the main benefits of PWAs?

Progressive web applications boast faster loading times than native apps. They are cost-effective, improve engagement, and are even able to work offline.

Is a PWA good for a startup business?

Yes, absolutely. In fact a PWA is one of the best options out there for start-ups because of its functionality across web, Android, and iOS.

Do you offer a personalized service?

Yes. At EYT we offer our clients a personalized development process designed to reach your potential clients through thorough, data-driven, market research.

Can you make my applications more user friendly?

We specialize in user friendly design functionality. We follow the most up-to-date technology trends and industry guidelines so that our products offer awesome UX value.

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