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Web App Development


Personalized Approach

As a website development company, we offer a highly specialized website development service. At EYT, we believe in offering each and every one of our clients a personalized and targeted approach designed to meet the needs of their unique customer base.

We’ve got the best minds in the business. Our developers use various cutting-edge technologies to develop complex websites. Everything from Angular to React, HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, and serverless backend connectivity on AWS and Google Firebase.

When you outsource your web development to EYT we will tailor a development plan according to your unique business needs. We support a holistic approach. That means our development process involves everything from product planning and market research to UX implementation strategies, product development, product support, marketing, and implementation.

Why Choose Us

We care about our clients’ outcomes

Our developers funnel their cutting-edge technologies and expertise into driving business success for their clients based on real market data.

User-friendly designs

Our developers create bespoke, user-friendly, and streamlined designs that are guaranteed to increase consumer engagement and improve user experience.


Years of experience

EYT has been developing applications for big-name enterprises, start-ups, and entrepreneurs since 2016 and has developed upwards of 50 bespoke applications.


After your free initial consultation, we will match you with the best web developers for the job. We’ll pick members of the team with specialist skills suited to your business needs. Our teams work in partnership with clients to understand their objectives and deliver the best outcomes.

Our Expertise

We are a web app development company with a wealth of expertise building web applications with great features like geo-location, social login, real-time chat, online payment functionality, and push notifications.

Our web app development service follows industry guidelines and best practices to code, document, and build high-quality web, iOS, and Android applications using JavaScript tech stacks and serverless cloud technology frameworks. Thanks to our fantastic team of highly-skilled developers, EYT has developed upwards of 50 bespoke applications since 2016.

Our teams are made up of the very best, highly skilled in-house developers equipped with the best resources. By outsourcing web development to EYT your business will gain access to top-tier development specialists. That means reduced hiring time, guaranteed quality, and a quick turnaround to match.


Do you use templates for website design?

No. All of our web development services are bespoke, and custom made according to a client’s specifications.

Can you help me with marketing?

Yes. We have a wealth of product marketing expertise that includes automation and integrated sales funnels.

What types of web development do you cover?

At EYT we cover everything from eCommerce and product to proof of concept, single page, and progressive web applications.

What technologies do you use?

Our teams use the latest cutting-edge technologies for their development services. These include Angular, React, HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, and serverless backend connectivity on AWS and Google Firebase.

Are your services scalable?

Our developers work to equip clients with scalable web solutions that optimize existing functions and support growth.

Which industries do you cover?

At EYT we have worked with clients across a wide range of industries including, but not limited to, technology, healthcare, consulting, and education.

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