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For businesses looking to deploy dynamic web applications, React web applications are the answer. Why? Because React works with fragment components to simplify interface creation. After assembly, React components can be reused and tested to keep your interface streamlined and offer your customers the best possible user experience out there.

EYT can help you deliver superb React-based web applications. We are a React app development service with specialist knowledge of React js app development. Our highly trained teams are industry experts, up-to-date with all the latest trends and industry updates. The best people out there to help with your React app development process and bring your business responsive, multi-platform development solutions.


Why Choose Us

Cross-platform functionality

EYT isn’t just about coding. We design products, experiences, and platforms with seamless cross-platform functionality. Our React app development service is best suited to progressive web applications.

Enterprise-level support

We believe in offering our clients quality support. We have extensive experience developing custom enterprise solutions around existing enterprise infrastructures. We will help you keep your business-critical functions running seamlessly whilst developing your react application.


Precision market research

At EYT, we believe in the importance of specialized market research techniques. We are experts in market research, MVP, and targeted web app development services for every business from enterprises to entrepreneurs and start-ups.

React JS experts

Because EYT is a React JS app development company, we are bonafide React JS experts. We can help you reap the many benefits of React JS including its one-way data flow, server-side rendering, and frontend library.



Our Expertise

We are the go-to experts for React app development. At EYT our developers are experts in their field. They build high-quality React web applications with various attractive features such as geo-location, social login, real-time chat, IoT, online payment functionality, and push notifications. Everything a modern business application needs to maintain that competitive edge. What’s more, by working with us you benefit from our strict adherence to industry best practices when writing code.


Why should I use React JS?

React JS boasts some major advantages such as one-way data flow for well-structured code, server-side rendering for Search Engine Optimization, and an open-source of thousands of contributors.

Is React JS a front or backend library?

React JS mobilizes a frontend library. It is therefore ideal for building interactive, design-led interfaces and user elements.

What kind of apps is React JS good for?

React JS is best for building small-scale progressive web applications.

Will you update me on development progress?

Yes, absolutely. At EYT we pride ourselves on excellent client communications. You’ll be offered a complimentary initial consultation and, if you decide to proceed, we’ll match you with the best members of our team and provide daily progress reports.

How long does it take to develop a React JS application?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this. In general, React JS web application development takes between three and eight weeks in total. But this really depends on the scale and complexity of an individual project.

Do you hire professional developers?

Our teams are made up of the best talent only. Our developers are fully-trained industry professionals and experts in their field. Our teams are made up of in-house staff and carefully selected freelancers.

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